KGF Chapter 2 Box Office (Hindi): Yash Starrer Makes A Humongous Profit Of 300%

KGF Chapter 2 is unstoppable when it comes to achieving box office feats. After hitting the 1000 crore mark globally

idhant idhant

Laal Singh Chaddha Movie Review: Netizens Are Feeling Mixed About Aamir Khan’s Adaptation of Forrest Gump

3 out of 5

A de-aged Aamir Khan throws all that he has into the role and comes up with a simpleton who is

Arshia Pandey Arshia Pandey

Katrina Kaif’s Per Instagram Post Fee Is So Insane That She Can Buy Herself A Private Island

She could purchase a great deal of extravagant things from that.

Aditi Roy Aditi Roy
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